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June 22, 2008

Seeing Little Things In Grand Villa Resort

I've managed to take close-up snapshots of objects both plants and insects while we were enjoying our visit in the Grand Villa Resort and Butterfly Center in Laguna.

Inside a yellow gumamela

We're peering here inside a yellow gumamela (hibiscus) flower. This flower is found inside the butterfly caged sanctuary.

Knotty vine tendrils

This looks like a tied-up knot; an extension of the vines I noticed entwined around iron grills.

I'm looking up close to an unknown white flower, a yellowish flower blossom, and a stem wrapped with tiny flower buds and blossoms below.

White flower blooming

Yellowish flower head

Flowery white stem

Meanwhile, lots of insects can be found crawling or hovering on flowers and shrubs around the garden pool, like a black wasp I noticed resting on a vine tendril, or a spiky caterpillar nipping at some plant buds, a big black ant methodically scavenging around a leaf, or even a pair of mating yellow ladybugs (let's not disturb them below).

In the shadows rest a waiting wasp

Spiky caterpillar on a plant stem

Ant scavenging on a leaf

Mating bugs on a leaf

On the wooden table tops and stools dotting the scenic gardens around, interesting tiny objects can be found, like a hairy pod or plant pollen, a possibly dried up, knotty fruit seed, and an undetermined fiery orange outgrowth that could be a fungus below (certainly it doesn't look like a bubble gum; I never dared to touch it).

Some small, green, hairy pod or pollen on a table top

Knotty, woody fruit seed on a bench

An orange unknown growth on a stool

These are rusts on a decorative iron swirl, part of a makeshift metal shed in the garden area (image below).

Rusty iron swirl

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