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January 29, 2007

Before This Month Ends...

...And yes, this month of January is about to end, but I only made about two to three posts for this blog. So much for having the "active blog" resolution (did I make one in the first place?).

Too much work lately. Too much things to do. A lot of "eye-opener" events lately that made me think about my current state in life, the environment I'm currently residing in, especially the people around me.

Let's just say there are more important things in life I attended to instead of writing and telling thoughts and sharing things in my blog.

* * * *

A friend blogger once said that both health and family come up number one in the list of important things that would (and should) matter in this year 2007 (and beyond). Amen to that.

It occurred to me this day that even my officemate reflected the same thing when he noticed I was deep at work. He taunted me, telling me not to work too hard and take a break - what's important is health, family, friends, and sanity. Well, the last one I just added. Really I needed a break or not my brain would have burst due to workload pressure.

* * * *

If only Pasig river (in Metro Manila, Philippines) is as clean and vibrant as Clarke Quay river below.

Clarke Quay River

No stench. No floating scum plants. No oil slicks. No muck. No garbage. Not a sore eye, but a beauty to behold.

January 13, 2007

So Be It...

With nothing to think deeply enough about the title of this post, I'm typing again another post (second) for this year 2007 in the hopes of reviving again the love of blogging (since this post is already overdue, as I have promised to resume blogging a week after January 1).

Well, one thing I've learned is not to promise anything if it's not meant to be done. Instead of saying it, just do it!

And another lesson from the previous year - I've learned that you can never get out of situation wherein you had to kiss some people blindly before you knew it they turn out to be bullfrogs in disguise (traitors, fiends, backstabbers, wolves in sheep’s clothings, parasites, rumormongers, etc). Ah, the world has an endless supply of such species, that I need to be careful next time of whom I relate and befriend with.

Moving along, usually the start of the (weird, I just heard myself talking inside my head in a stiff Singapore accent: "usuali duh stat of dee", anyway...) New Year brings to me good tidings, having this hopeful attitude that I could start anew again. I just read my predictions for this year, and what caught my eye was this phrase "a quiet return to fullness". Somehow the stars predict my future ahead to be filled with days of serenity, calmness, and times to... I don't know... come full circle. Completing a cycle of what? It still puzzles me to this day. But deep inside, I feel there is something that I need to finish. I don't know what. Only time will tell.

I am a dragon. My predictions tell me of the dragon liking this year of the pig. Maybe the dragon likes this year because the pig is a symbol of large festive banquet. Not to mention a roasted pig is so hard to resist. Hehehe.

So be it then...

January 01, 2007

Bye 2006, Thanks For The Memories

I bid 2006 goodbye (forget the bad nightmares, relish the good memories, and move on...). Lots of things to think about and lots of plans to commit.

I start this first day of the year with a post showcasing some of the best pictures I've taken last year.

Yellow Flowers Botanical Garden

Yellow flowers, picture taken from Singapore Botanical Gardens

Black Bird

Is it a black goose, a black swan, or what? This was also taken inside the Singapore Botanical Gardens

Birthday Meal

My last December vacation in the Philippines, I've enjoyed celebrating my Mom's birthday along with relatives with Pancit Bihon, some Gardenia bread, and Goldilocks roll cake

Cozy With The Snake

Two Filipinas getting cozy with a python. Picture taken in Sentosa

Colorful Flower Tree

This is a colorful flower tree structure found at the back of Vivo City

Seaweed Seahorse

Sentosa's marine life aquariums feature many species that are truly unique such as this one which I call Seaweed Seahorse

Lories Posing

Colorful lories at Jurong Bird Park

Daytime Bats

Close encounter with fruit-eating bats (I know they're nocturnal, but these creatures were wide awake and eating away the guava fruits). Picture taken from Singapore Zoo

Sharing A Meal

Also from the Singapore Zoo, a red lory decided to share a sweet nectar meal with some monarch butterflies

Swedish Ship At Vivo City

I thought this was a pirate ship decked at the back of Vivo City, but no this was a Swedish ship Götheborg (there should be a Happy New Year 2007 greeting somewhere in the picture; quite hidden in view)

Shangri-La Sunbathing

Picture taken inside Shangri-la Hotel. Looks like a great advertising picture for the grand hotel

The Pelican Briefs

Pelicans. Lots of free (low flying) pelicans inside Jurong Bird Park

Underneath The Tree

I enjoy taking pictures of trees with branches spiking out of the trunk. This was taken while killing time on East Coast beach

Singapore Merlion

I should not forget to take pictures of the legendary Singapore Merlion on Marina bay

I'll take a break from blogging for this week. See you all next week.

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