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January 29, 2007

Before This Month Ends...

...And yes, this month of January is about to end, but I only made about two to three posts for this blog. So much for having the "active blog" resolution (did I make one in the first place?).

Too much work lately. Too much things to do. A lot of "eye-opener" events lately that made me think about my current state in life, the environment I'm currently residing in, especially the people around me.

Let's just say there are more important things in life I attended to instead of writing and telling thoughts and sharing things in my blog.

* * * *

A friend blogger once said that both health and family come up number one in the list of important things that would (and should) matter in this year 2007 (and beyond). Amen to that.

It occurred to me this day that even my officemate reflected the same thing when he noticed I was deep at work. He taunted me, telling me not to work too hard and take a break - what's important is health, family, friends, and sanity. Well, the last one I just added. Really I needed a break or not my brain would have burst due to workload pressure.

* * * *

If only Pasig river (in Metro Manila, Philippines) is as clean and vibrant as Clarke Quay river below.

Clarke Quay River

No stench. No floating scum plants. No oil slicks. No muck. No garbage. Not a sore eye, but a beauty to behold.

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rmacapobre said...

and no squatters (illegal settlers). 10 years ago. there werent any squatters in laguna. crime rate is low. today the railways are filled to the brim with squatters. crime rate is higher. someone grabbed my sister's bag going to work last year, and she fell and she hit her head on the pavement. shes okey. but who knows what could have happened.

my point. it has everything to do with population. more squatters. more crime. it will persist because we as a society fail (continue to fail) to see the connection of population, economics, and crime .. and as you pointed it out. cleanliness ..

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