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January 13, 2007

So Be It...

With nothing to think deeply enough about the title of this post, I'm typing again another post (second) for this year 2007 in the hopes of reviving again the love of blogging (since this post is already overdue, as I have promised to resume blogging a week after January 1).

Well, one thing I've learned is not to promise anything if it's not meant to be done. Instead of saying it, just do it!

And another lesson from the previous year - I've learned that you can never get out of situation wherein you had to kiss some people blindly before you knew it they turn out to be bullfrogs in disguise (traitors, fiends, backstabbers, wolves in sheep’s clothings, parasites, rumormongers, etc). Ah, the world has an endless supply of such species, that I need to be careful next time of whom I relate and befriend with.

Moving along, usually the start of the (weird, I just heard myself talking inside my head in a stiff Singapore accent: "usuali duh stat of dee", anyway...) New Year brings to me good tidings, having this hopeful attitude that I could start anew again. I just read my predictions for this year, and what caught my eye was this phrase "a quiet return to fullness". Somehow the stars predict my future ahead to be filled with days of serenity, calmness, and times to... I don't know... come full circle. Completing a cycle of what? It still puzzles me to this day. But deep inside, I feel there is something that I need to finish. I don't know what. Only time will tell.

I am a dragon. My predictions tell me of the dragon liking this year of the pig. Maybe the dragon likes this year because the pig is a symbol of large festive banquet. Not to mention a roasted pig is so hard to resist. Hehehe.

So be it then...


Sidney said...

You are right better not worry to much! Let's dig into the lechon this year! :-)

rmacapobre said...

both my parents are dragons. bad combination according to the books in astrology ..

im excited for the new ..

rmacapobre said...

one of my classmates in french class is singaporean. he doesnt have a british accent.

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