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April 12, 2009

To Start Anew

By the start of the Chinese New Year, I've neglected a lot of the things around here in this blog. Things have happened (a lot) so fast in my life (with some of them I'm grateful for) that I've poured out most of my energy and time in attending to these matters.

In times like these, I've decided to close up this blog and (will) try to create a new one, concentrating a lot more in showcasing most of the pictures I took for the past three years since I've purchased my very first digital Canon camera to my very own first DSLR Canon 400D.

Give me a week or so. I'll let you know of the new blog.

Closing time is imminent. Have to retire the old and start fresh.

1 comment:

Sidney said...

Look forward to see your new blog and your pictures!

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