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May 13, 2006

Pre-Mother's Day Message

Yesterday was a public holiday here in Singapore. It was Vesak Day. A holiday is a holiday and good thing is a nice day to sleep and recuperate (not to mention it was quite a rainy day too; back home, an ex-officemate told me that Philippines was experiencing a typhoon).

* * * *

Tomorrow will be Mother's Day. Hope Mom would see and read this post (and not the naughty archived posts of the past, anyways). I dedicate this humble post to her, so bear with me.

In Singapore, Mother is also known as Mommy or moreso as Mummy. No kidding there. Since Singapore was once under British rule, many of the British words were inherited and later on integrated into everyday usage such as Mummy or Mum for dear Mother.

The first time I saw this word was during a TV advertisement showcasing a special magic mummy day on Sunday. Magic Mummy I wondered. I would not have concluded that the ad was referring to Mother's Day if not for the stenciled image of a curvy figure with an apron serving as background for the big fonts of the TV ad.

No dead and stinky mummies would ever replace our dear mommies.

Mom, if you read this, thanks for every sacrifice you have done for the past years especially during the development years of my life. I thank for your sacrificed sleepless nights when you attented to my cries of hunger when I was a baby. I thank you for your patience in teaching me my first steps towards walking upright during my toddler years. I thank you for your attentiveness in listnening to me when I bring home news about my schooldays during my elementary and high school years. I thank you for providing me financial support and encouragement in my chosen field of study during my gruelling college years. I thank you for thanking me when I recieved my first pay check from my first job and I treated you all.

I thank you for the countless things I could still remember you did to me - through good and bad times. I know you've always said to me you wanted to live more for me and my brother. I'm still affected by those words and I would cherish it for the rest of my life. I could not thank you enough - your taking care of us your children is a life-long career no mere work can be compared to.

I love you, Mommy, Mummy, Mom, Mama, Ma, Inay, 'Nay. God bless and take care.

Advance "Happy Mother's Day" to every loving and dear mothers out there. You deserve a standing ovation from us children of the world.


mbacarra said...

well said...

but don't you mean "pre-mother's day message"?

i like the layout btw. cool.

jio said...

Oh yeah, yeah, right. :-D. What was I thinking there.

Update list: 14/05/06.
Jio: Changed post title from "Post" to "Pre"

rmacapobre said...

same with the spanish word for mother mama. filipino heavily borrowed from spanish, sometimes we dont realize that the words were borrowed. today i hear my neices and nephew call my sister mommy. its considered hip for words to be americanized.

american - mommy/mom
filipino - mama
tagalog - nanay
french - mamman
singapore? - mum

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