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May 21, 2006

Unexpected Error

I hate it when you've written a long post and all of a sudden the PC you're using would suddenly display an Internet Explorer error telling an undescribable error. And then all of my Internet Explorer windows closed down without me saving my long and precious work.

Now I'm pissed with Microsoft Windows.

Now I've lost precious time and eventually will shorten my post today...


Anyway, congratulations to BJ and Tyler for winning the Amazing Race Season 9. It was a wonderful two-hour episode fit for bowing down before the boob tube (literally, I did that after my favorite hippie duo won the race in a tight battle against the frat boys Eric and Jeremy). fingers are tired from typing.

I'll switch again to Firefox. Hmp.


mbacarra said...

yeah. use mozilla. it's more convenient than internet explorer.

leydi said...

kainis rin pag may mga open windows ka na matagal mong nasearch sa google. tas bigla nalang macclose, without saving/remembering the url. haha swerte diba :P

rmacapobre said...

> windows closed down without me saving my long and precious work

er .. rule of thumb. save your work all the time ..

eric said...

next time kase gawa ka muna sa text editor para sure.

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