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September 03, 2006

A Book For Thought

This will be a break from taking pictures (and posting them online).

One of the ways to have some relaxation in this island nation is to take some time to sit down and read some interesting books, like the one I purchased last May, called "What Should I Do With My Life?". Interestingly, I found some of the non-fictional stories of the book akin to some aspects of my life, especially in terms of juggling work time and personal time. I have to admit, it's only now that I'm beginning to question myself on what exactly are my plans in the future and what am I doing (now) to achieve them. I can compare my current life like walking through a park - momentarily enjoying the sceneries, unmindful of what's ahead of me or where my feet would be taking me.

There are a lot of questions and thoughts that constantly hit me on the head (really hard) on what (exactly) do I want in my current life.

I remember during college, some acquaintance told me that I seem to be a type of happy-go-lucky person.

And I could still remember someone (and still many do) asking me when will I return home to the Philippines.


As of the moment, I can't give much of a review of the book (I can't describe well the stories inside as I have my own interpretations that would differ with another reader of the book). But all I could tell is that it's such a darn, well-written, non-fictional book that is so unlike of self-help books nowadays (which cater mostly to career life) because the documented people are real people whom anyone can identify with when trying to ask the eternal question "what should I do with my life?".

The rest of my life is yet unwritten. It's up to me to write the rest of my biography pages.


rmacapobre said...

thats jean paul sarte. we create our purpose. existence precedes essence.

rmacapobre said...

hmm .. happy go lucky? i thought you were more brooding, leave-me-alone-or i-swear-i-will-have-to-strangle-you kind of guy. but i didnt think i knew you enough to know anything .. he he he ..

jio said...

Yeah, Max. Sometimes the comments of people about me really surprise me. A lot.

Yeah, during college, I've got the impression on everybody being the silent, brooding kind of guy. People change, I guess.

I hope for the better. ;-)

Sometimes you think you know a person 100%, then someday that person would evolve emotionally, physically, mentally, and so forth, until you see a different kind of person you've never have known before.

frances bean said...

Hi Jio! (I know this is a few weeks late..) Wow you've moved to Singapore :)

I'm linking you as well and I'll be visiting regularly :)

jerry said...

self-help books do help. I don't know if you came across the "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. You can start reading that book and find your purpose in life. I guarantee that it will 100% direct your life. Another book I can suggest is the book by Joel Osteen called "The Best Life Now" Both of these books are non-doctrinal and has been read by millions of people around the world. Regardless of your demonination, if you want to really find your purpose and live a life that is based on what the "Master Builder" has designed your life to be, then grab one or both these books.

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