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September 24, 2006

Images of Orchard

Ok. Now I'm going back to posting pictures I've taken while walking the long stretch of Orchard Road. Weekends at Orchard are quite colorful and bursting with events big or small, as shown below:

Flags at Orchard

In front of a hotel, Singaporeans love to showcase their patriotism through flags. You could see flags even hung outside the terraces of HDB flats.

Silver Students

This is interesting. I saw some people gathering around these youngsters dressed in silver clothes and painted themselves metallic silver. They try not to move nor blink. As the signboard reads, they're suppose to be doing some kind of project as they are International School Students - Artists. Uhuh.

Girl With Silver Students

There was this very young blond girl who was told by her parents to put a coin into the student's donation box. With such innocence, she obeyed and carefully put into the box's slot the coin she was provided with.

Street Band

There are many street bands that perform especially in the hot spots of Orchard such as in front of a mall's entrance or near the MRT stations. This is one of the groups playing a heavy drum beat to the delight of the audience...

Musical Indians

... and another one from some undetermined country, but their garbs indicate something related to American Indians (maybe they are American Indians, though the music they played sounded more like those from the upper regions of South America I've heard once in TV shows).

Melting Time

Melting time... one last call for alcohol, so finish up your whiskey or beer... Eh? Am I drunk, or is this clock sculpture melting before my very eyes. Looks like recreated from Dali's famous images.

Leaf Figures

Now this is another interesting shot. I saw a man deftly weaving colorful figurines out of coconut tree leaves (I think). He had this mat sprawled with his suppose works of figurines that look like insects, fantasy creatures and others. While taking this picture, the man saw me and was waving at me, telling me no pictures should be taken of him and his works. I wonder why. Could he have thought I was a reporter who will inform authorities of illegal activities? Ha, I was amused at that moment, but he can't do anyhing since I already got the picture. Tough luck.


leydi said...

nice nice pics jiow! (though... takut ako sa ppl in silver paint. same feeling kapag takot ako sa mascots. hehe)

rmacapobre said...

these are amazing. singapore reminds a lot of makati. are filipino artists (not refering to those who have sold their souls to the corporation) represented?

Sidney said...

That is quite a lively street! Looks like a fun place.
Maybe the man thought you wanted to copy his designs...

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