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October 01, 2006

Pinoy Band At GasHaus

Invited by a friend and officemate, I tag along with other friends to support and watch him playing along with other Filipino bandmates in their gig at GasHaus (114 Middle Road, Singapore).

God Knows Who Does Not Tip

This sign at the bar reminds me of the ubiquitous signs me see back home in the Philippines inside jeepneys of which the version is like this "God know Judas not pay" (Judas is pronounced in our native tongue as Hudas or like saying "who does"). Get it? Hehehehe. Ok, not funny. Move along.

GasHaus Wall Paintings

Wall paintings. I find GasHaus too dark inside. With a few oversized photographs and leather couches inside. Nontheless, these wall paintings add some color inside the dark music cafe.

The Launchbox band

The band - Launchbox. Made up of Filipinos main Mau Obciana (main vocals), Ivan Cunnan (doing the bass) and Titan Mercado (at the guitars). Sessioning with them were Ogie Camat (guitars, from band Mr. Brosnan?) and Glenn Ordinario (drums, from band Mesh Potatoes). This is what I call bayanihan among Filipino music lovers. Rock on!

Launchbox - Singers

Close up of the gals - the singers. Most of the songs the band covered were rock singles sang by popular rock bands featuring female lead vocalists such as another Filipino group based in the US, Moonpools and Caterpillars (though I was hoping they would have chosen the band's breakout single Hear which I loved the most; I wonder what happened to that Fil-Am band), and Cardigans (My Favorite Game). I was surprised they also sang "Paint It Black", a favorite of mine during the days of the hit TV series, Tour of Duty.

Launchbox - Guitars and Bass

Close up of the guys. Serious guitar play here.

Efren 'Bata' Reyes On Screen

Well, well, well... while the band was playing, the TV show projected above the walls was a recorded match of Efren "Bata" Reyes. I took this as a souvenir shot - opportunities pass by and you have to grab it before it's gone.

Here are some YouTube videos I uploaded. Go see them:


purplejeans79 said...

These are great pics jio! :)

Sidney said...

It looks like a fun evening!

jio said...

Thanks purplejeans79 and sid. :-)

I really had a blast that afternoon (not even mentioning the ear-piercing sound inside the place). Hehehe.

rmacapobre said...

its comforting to see that there is a filipino community in singapour.

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