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October 09, 2006

Hazy Day

Here's my contribution of shots of last Saturday's notorious "haze-filled" day. I thought last Friday's smoke-filled night was already strange to me, but Saturday's almost entire day of thick haze was stranger (and unhealthier for everyone here).

Tree Mist

Sing to the tune of the song "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes". No really, this is what I stumbled upon passing through a tree-sprawled shortcut towards the nearby East Coast bay. Smoke, haze, mist. All grayish air around the vicinity.

Another haze / mist in the woods

Another picture of the hazy woods. Nothing much to notice here. Go figure.

Shoreline Haze

Three degrees of air quality last Saturday. It is quite bad on that day, as shown by this picture.

Relaxing In The Woods

Still, nothing stopped some people in doing what they had planned on that day, like idling in the woods, strolling along the sandy beach, and jogging on people-barren pathways.

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Sidney said...

Soon we will all wear gas masks... :-(

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