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October 18, 2006

Exhibitionistic Blogging

I have already made myself clear regarding why I blog and maintain this blog, as I have specified a year ago.

Blog exhibitionist

So why do I revisit this post again? Well, I stumbled across this website about a local television program on, what else, but blogging, particularly in Singapore. And there is this interesting quote by Xue Ling in the website on her calling bloggers as exhibitionists that really made me rethink about blogging.

Well, yes, bloggers are basically exhibitionists - they show to the entire Internet community their inner-most thoughts (and some dark secrets) either through weaving of intricate sentences or posting colorful pictures. The old notion of keeping a secret diary or black book is gone and now replaced with overly seeking attention web logs from across nations mostly written in common English or sometimes written in their native tongue.
I remember around 2001 when I had this itch to learn about web designing after being exposed to well-designed Philippine websites of which I was surprised to learn that these were created by even teenagers. While browsing through these websites, I came across Mark's blog. I remember laughing my head off after seeing the website's banner Click Mo Mukha Mo! written inside a speech balloon pointing to an image of a well-known Filipina actress (forgot the name, and not sure which one). At first, I dismissed the website as a personal homepage by the creator. What surprised me though was each week the homepage would be updated with a new set of writings from the website's creator. And that's when I learned about the idea of blogging. I read voraciously the blog's past posts. I laughed and learned new things from it. I visited other linked blogs and was exposed to other Filipino bloggers who not only had the verbal wit and humor to write online essays but also had the knack of designing their personal blogs. I confessed I was hooked with blogging afterwards. And the rest was history.

Exhibitionism or not, I still plan to continue on blogging. I like to share what's on my mind (even if I have no guts to tell others personally). Maybe what I have shared in the past, written in the present, or will divulge in the future would make one reader out there laugh, cry, emphatize, or learn something (even just a tiny bit of information).


rmacapobre said...

i swear i know that character from somewhere .. ;p

jio said...

Yo, hello. Long time no hear. You should know the character... ;-)

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