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October 31, 2006

Blog Break

Taking some blogging break here up to Sunday. As indicated in my previous post, I've been training with my officemates on rowing for our dragon boat team for the past two weeks. This coming Saturday is our company's family day event; our goal is (at least) to be able to get into the finals. Hopefully, our strong team will be able to accomplish that.

Meanwhile, many things come to my mind lately that sent me thinking, and thinking more pensively. I'll not tell anything for the moment. Most likely I'll resume back on Sunday.

Again, hopefully.
* * * *

Happy Halloween to all!

Yeah right, as if Halloween is largely celebrated here in this island when this event is purely an American holiday fare. Just like back in the Philippines, Halloween is rarely observed by the "masses" except those that live in posh subdivisions or those living in areas for the class A & B people who know much about American culture.

What I am going to miss this year though is our traditional visiting of our departed lolo and lolas buried in South Cemetery, Makati and another in Manila Memorial Park.

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rmacapobre said...

this event is purely an American holiday fare

not entirely true. it originated with the pagan celebration of samhain. it was popular with pagans from ireland and gaelic cultures. consequently, roman catholics wanted to entice pagans by appointing its own holiday on the same day. (covering samhain up, so to speak). later, irish immigrants have brought it to the united states.

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