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July 16, 2005

New Home, Same Blogger

Moved out of the old blog. And now I have moved here.

To start things off, I need to repost again the purposes for this blog creation:
  • I always wanted to have my own column to write down my thoughts and opinions or anything I wanted to say. I am a highly opinionated person, depending on the topic or hot issue of the day. Influenced by high school and college paper columns up to current newspaper opinion pages, I decided to make one through blogging.
  • I like to tell others what I know and share them ideas no matter how useful or not what I tell them. Man is a social animal and communication is natural to him.
  • I have plans to move out and work abroad (when, I am not sure, but plans B, C, D and others are momentarily in process). When that time comes, I will continue to communicate and tell about my status abroad with my family and friends through this online blog.
  • To meet new cyber friends. During my heydays of blogging (past few years ago), I met some of the Pinoy bloggers out there through mini-gatherings and enjoyed their company.
  • I would agree with most bloggers on this: to record events big and small. Now that my blog will include pictures, I would be able to look back and recall certain times in my life visually.
  • Indirectly, this is one of my purposes for blogging: to learn more about web-designing and website construction. It's true that I learned to create a well designed website by creating my own weblog. This is not my first blog, this is actually my fourth blog.
  • To practice writing in English. Laugh, but it's true. I might have a grammatical error here somewhere...


bullish1974 said...

first to comment! huzzah!

nice looking layout here. doesn't seem to work on firefox though.

and yeah, thanks for the link. will surely be back :)

rmacapobre said...

salut gio. étudies-tu la langue français aussi? gio nagaaral ka din ng pranses?

sige maglink din ako sa blog mo ..

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