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July 22, 2005

Covering The Rally

In trying to be a pseudo-photo journalist during the height of the rally last Tuesday (07/19/05), I attempted to take some photos (via cellphone only) of the event as shown below:

Rally line-071905
Line of protesters (I saw this while exiting our building)

People at the side-071905
People of the city forced to avoid the rally

In the middle of rally-071905
I did cross Ayala Avenue (and right in the middle of the protesters)

Waiting rally line-071905
Sitting around and waiting for some leader's commands

Look at that line-071905
A different angle of the rallyists

Gloria masks-071905
Too shy to show their faces, they hide in masks (I think they saw me taking pictures so they suddenly covered themselves)

Oblivious of the stares of some of the protesters, I just assumed myself invisible while taking stolen shots of the scenery.

Though amused with these pictures, I am still angry with the protests being staged during business hours. It's not good for business. It scares anything good within this city that I learned to love for the past seven years of working life.

Meanwhile, nature has her strange ways of showing its own protest to the current events as shown by this succulent cactus in our house:

Dirty Cactus
(Dirty impression. Well, what can you do if nature designed it this way? You simply have to accept it.)

Don't think you're the only one who can show some bad sign languages.

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