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July 30, 2005

Images of Transportations

Taking a hint from the comment of AnP, I decided to upload some images I have leisurely taken using my Nokia camera phone while I go out every day. Here are some:


Walking down CCP, I noticed this AFP truck parked nearby; while walking forward I tried to focus my camera back. Alas, I captured one big part of my left ear but the result looks interesting (as if I am listening to the sounds from this truck). Again, don't focus on my ear please.


With a friend, I noticed this stalled old vintage car in the middle of a road (which looks like a hearse but is not). The front right wheel is broken and misaligned; notice the skid marks below (white marks).


I captured this image of the arriving LRT (Light Rail Transit) train (from Monumento) at the other side of the station while waiting for my ride towards Gil Puyat Avenue (formerly known as Buendia Avenue, though I still use Buendia more comfortably when asking for the route of city buses here).

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rmacapobre said...

when i visited manila, and then i had to take the MRT ride north. this was after having been away many years. it was nice to see how things have improved (have they?). the skyways and the train stations, concrete developments, which are known only (at least thats what i thought) to the first world.

the giant earlobe made the whole picture surreal.

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