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August 02, 2005

Wearing The White Band

You may notice the white band over at the right side of this site (hopefully, class, you are using a newer version of a web browser). It's the make poverty history site band that I usually see at some blogs I browse and link to. Curious, I went to its homepage and made some adjustments to add this on to this site as support for their cause. Want to have the same white band? Click here and get the script code in the Support Us Online section.

Could this be some fad again like Lance Armstrong's yellow band that we see others are sporting (in other colors as well), but this time applied inventively to websites?

Hopefully, this effort would flourish and affect others to start doing something about worldwide poverty.

This got me thinking: we have been for years observing the widening gap between the rich and the poor and hearing countless appeals (add to that church sermons) from people fighting for the cause of the poor to help and share items (food, clothing, medicine, etc) to the needy and poor nations. And yet, we could see others wasting time and money showing off their wealth through gaudy parties, media-hyped gatherings and others (oh I see these people in one local newspaper).

I'm not against having wealth if for one's needs, as in necessary to survive each day. But to gather wealth (and simply wasting them) through any means necessary for the earthly pleasures of oneself, family or chosen few while living amidst in a nation where poverty is blatantly present and undeniable, that is what I am against for.

I know. This is a war against poverty that would take years (maybe centuries) if we don't cooperate to fight it as one.


rmacapobre said...

i dont know tobie personally. he was from malate. i dont know mike personally either he used to work for fujitsu weserv where i used to work

i wont censor truth. i would like to believe that people prefer to be informed of what is REALLY happening, especially when it comes to something as personal as religion. (ok na ko hehehehe)

jio said...

Well, as long as we take responsibility on our opinions. You know how words are sharper than anything else man can dish out; creates wounds deeper than any sword can inflict.

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