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August 11, 2005

Choco Brushing

Delicious Choco Flavored Close Up Toothpaste
Unilever had launched three supposedly new flavors for Close Up toothpaste - Tangerine / Orange, Lychee and the outrageous Chocolate pictured above. The last flavor is the only one that caught my interest (I would agree that anyone would have an instant liking or curiosity for the flavor for this would be the first time to brush one's teeth with chocolate after eating... chocolate).

Class, and kids out there, if you want and like chocolate, have fun tooth brushing with this. Of course, don't mistake this for real chocolate and start to swallow its contents. Loco-loco.

Ever since I started using this, many of my friends are curious about the product's taste. It tastes minty chocolate. But of course, as soon as you relished the gel and started to brush your teeth, you would eventually lose the taste.


bullish1974 said...

but how does it smell?

jio said...

Still the same toothpaste type of smell (if there is a hint of smell from toothpastes to begin with).

markmomukhamo said...

ew. seriously? di ba medyo manamis-namis yan?

jio said...

Mark, medyo, sa umpisa. Tastes like 80% Magnolia chocolait, although toothpaste pa rin siya after a while.

rmacapobre said...

eew .. whats next bagoong flabored toothpaste .. ^_^

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