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August 15, 2005

Hymn Music In Reggae

Someone passed me an MP3 version of our alma mater hymn in Reggae. I listened. I was appalled. I listened again. And eventually, I kind of like it (ok, I admit, I get irritated every time I hear the last lines of the song "Tama Na...". I feel, this is really unnecessary and simply pointless).

But it's a good thing I get to hear something new on our alma mater hymn which is really short and simple. So simple that blurting out "Hail, hail, hail" is enough to let others know you graduated from the green university. That seems not right. Um, I mean DLSU.


bullish1974 said...

me: st john baptist de la salle.
you: pray for us.
me: live jesus in our hearts.
you: forever.

jio said...

Ah yes, now I remember that prayer... thanks for reminding me bullish.

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