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July 23, 2005

Why I Quit Blogging Then...

A short history, if you may.

It was year 2001. I did not know anything about creating web sites nor even writing HTML codes. I used to envy even the young son of my previous employer's president who she always brags about his cute homepage complete with images her son created.

It was year 2001. With nothing to do within our development group (no project at all), each one of us decided to learn something new, some computer language and web development skill to train on. I chose ASP technology, but that would mean I have to learn first HTML.

While learning HTML, I stumbled across an article in Sitepoint about a new revolution in personal homepages called web blogs or simply blogs. Interested, I read everything in the article; inspired, I started to create my first web site cum blog. And the rest was history (But where is the copy of my previous blog? I have to find the rest of my posts here in Blogger somewhere and I'll let you take a peek of my previous writings soon).

And now for the reasons why I quit blogging then. Here is the list:
  • I had full of ideas about the new version of my (previous) blog. I was so enthusiastic to create a fresh concept for a blog site. But all of a sudden... I got that blogger's block. Yeah, like burnout. My mind froze on anything I would like to talk, comment, share and speak my mind on. I lost on ideas.

  • Upon rereading my previous posts, I realized that I have been writing carelessly on topics I should have not posted (At this moment, I begin to remember this page by Heather in Dooce regarding things that should not be posted. But trust me, what I have written before were not as serious as what she shared in her blog. I know then my limits.)

  • I also felt pressure in blogging. You know the feeling that, sometimes, having some faithful readers of your blog, you would always like to come up with topics that interest them constantly. I became too conscious with everything I write, forgetting that I am in command of blogging. My readers should not be the reason for blogging, my interest for sharing and expressing my thoughts is the reason for blogging in the first place.

To counter these, I had to:
  • Free myself from blogging from time to time. Stay away from the computer, the Internet and Blogger. This will give me time to gather thoughts and de-stress myself from blogging.

  • To counteract lost of ideas, take note of things and events that happen around, if not daily then weekly. Life is full of surprises and things to talk about.

  • Keep myself always focused and aware that this blog is part of the Internet and every content included here is in public domain (unless I install a security application barring others except friends and family readers). Public matters should be made public; private matters are definitely out of this blog.


red_door8 said...

hello there :)
san mo pala naging officemate si kuya jay?

red_door8 said...

yep sa CAI hehe
nakapunta na ko sa may CAI dati kasi nung dinala ko kay kuya yung spare key ng kotse nya. naiwan kasi sa loob lolz

rmacapobre said...

blogging is therapy. even though it should be as open and free as possible, i still find myself self censuring for fear of incrimination. ^_^

but at the end of the day, we should tell ourselves what the hell. its my blog and i should be able to say what i want to say.

AnP said...

yea, I was actually surprised when you stopped.

Next time, if you have nothing to say, post one of your graphics. That would say a lot!!!

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