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July 28, 2005

Silence, Just A Thought

Funny when something so used to be loud can be so silent and often when becomes silent can be so loud.

Just a sudden thought after our office air-conditioning was turned off a few minutes ago; a deafening silence surrounded us all. And when it started again, I could hear the natural hissing and droning of our office's air-conditioning shafts.

Everyday, routine work and play sure makes one ignore some people, places, or things in life. Sometimes, it pays to give attention and time to these people (give a helping hand to parents, say something nice to loved ones, greet a good day to friends), places (go out in the sunshine, walk over bay walk, have a picnic with friends in a park), or things (take care of one's belongings, read old books from the attic, clean up home appliances) before it's too late to hear again their presence.

We may never know when they will stop making their sounds in life.


Jelly Beans said...

good day gio! ;)

rmacapobre said...

si mike? yes lasallista din yan. kabatch ko ata? ibang lasallista sina allan, sunshine, mike santos, and rico .. si geejay din. i know you remember them if not by name, by face. member ka na ba ng group natin sa plaridel. di ba naging arted ka din?

tobie said...

This is so true. So very true.

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