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February 24, 2007

Moving Out Of This Place

In about 2 hours from now, I'll be leaving my current flat and move in temporarily to my co-worker's HDB flat. The owner of this flat has decided to close the place. Actually, this and the other blocks of flats that comprise this area is under sale (or has been sold already apparently, as 90% I think have already given up and sold to a multi-billionaire buyer their property).

I have already packed most of the things - clothing, gadgets, books, mini-stuffs - in every bag I can get hold of. No box to enclose some of my things and let some movers do their job. I've decided to carry each one personally. Some I'll take with me today. The rest I'll pick up tomorrow.

It's amazing (or should I say stupidly incredible) that I've accumulated so much unnecessary things during my 11 month stay here in Singapore. The purchasing power that I've never had before back in my country had really influenced me to buy such things I really do not need to survive. Before I pick up and insert an item in the bag, I would think twice or more (categorizing an item between two groups: group A will be the basics and the essentials and group B the unnecessary, simply decorations or add-ons). Looking at each item, I could now clearly see which are true investments and which are otherwise wasteful expenses.

I suddenly remember the black comedy horror novel Needful Things by Stephen King. Passing thought, really.

I honestly feel sad and stressed out whenever I see an item I thought I could have used for a long time would now end up in the trash bin. I've become like the citizens here who, just before the eve of Chinese New Year, would pile up old stuffs like furniture and other house appliances. Still some of these things look reusable and appear unbroken at all. The notion that these are simply old (two or even a year old) makes these labeled as trash already. Now I'm looking at an unopened bag of dried slice mushroom which I'm still thinking of whether I'll bring it with me or throw it in the trash.

It's been months already since I bought it (yeah, I'm one of those who binge buy).


Rick M. said...

Take pics of your new place ha :)

jio said...

Well as you request. :-) Pagkaayos ko ng aking layout. Very soon.

rmacapobre said...

what makes us happy .. is the question ..

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