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March 04, 2007

New And Other Thoughts

I knew it's so late. But better late than never.

Things have gone overboard last month - flat moving out (and enough of annoying flatmates) :-P, long work periods (I've had it with production work) >:-(, and other stressful situations I could not list all. Let's just say I have some time at hand to take a breather and relax for a while. With last month, I've neglected my blogging activities (heck, in the first place, I don't have any responsibility even to my readers, so I should give myself some slack on this).

Enough talk. Let's move on to the pictures I had captures especially during the Chinese New Year festivities here in Singapore. By the way, the major change in the pictures is the increase in both height and width. So bear with the site as it loads the pictures.

Little Oranges

So many of these orange fruits were on display in almost every household. A local co-worker told me these are called Kan. I told him back in the Philippines we call these Ponkan. He's not sure about the name though.

Paper Firecrackers

I captured this hanging on a column of a restaurant in Bugis Juction (near Bugis MRT station).

Chinese Lanterns

These brightly red colored Chinese lanterns hang at the entrance of Fullerton Hotel near Boat Quay. I believe they're still there, even if Chinese New Year celebration had officially ended last month.

Dragon Dance

A colorful night dragon dance. The paper dragon went crazily around.

Dragon Dance 2

Look at how deftly these guys twirl and swirl the paper dragon.

Chinese Entrance

Chinese architecture at its best. Looks real, even though it was created from temporary building materials.

More to go.

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rmacapobre said...

you captured movement in the dragon photos. it looks amazing!

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