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May 26, 2007

You Can Always Find Beauty

Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the behold. And behold...

Beauty is on the butt cheeks. Beauty of Asia, featuring a tattooed man with intricate Japanese designs.
Shooting pictures at a man taking pictures of another man's b... eauty.

If these are real tattoos, I guess this man had to bear so much pain to attain such a huge colorful tattoo. No pain, no gain(ed tattoo). My brother has a tattoo on his shoulder. I have none. I'm afraid of needles (Asus, tanda mo na). Besides, tattoos are permanent (unless removed by laser). I tend to lose interests easily especially with designs. I'd rather have a henna tattoo which is temporary and can be replaced with another pattern of my liking.

Beauty In Asia. And this showcases a tattoed man.
The beauty of Asia. It says it all (I guess). Which part are you looking at, huh?

Japanese Lady Tattoo
A closer look at the mysterious Japanese lady tattoo. There's no Da Vinci code here, mind you.


Sidney said...

Some Japanese really cover their whole body with tattoos. I am not a big fan of tattoos for the same reasons as you mentioned.

rmacapobre said...

i want to get a tatoo before i die.

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

I would imagine that's a real tattoo.

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