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May 01, 2007

New Layout Update

After several gruesome hours of tinkering this site's layout, finally, I was able to upload this one just in time for May 1 (as I have indicated in my previous post).

Looking at assorted sites bearing the ubiquitous web 2.0 look and feel, this blog bears some semblance with the rest (the same old, same old use of the badge, the shadings and use of shadows in the images here, etc).

Smashing Magazine has really influenced me in taking a good look at web designing trends (though professionally, I'm no web designer but an analyst and programmer; this web designing is just a hobby).

Later again. I need some sleep now. I might miss the screening of Spider-man 3 in the afternoon (I can't afford to do that). Good thing today is a holiday here in Singapore (Labor Day).


AnP said...

I love your header!!! As in!!!

Hoy, Mr. Artist, pa humble ka pa dyan. I still remember the Jio who used to make beautiful designs from scratch.

rmacapobre said...

hmm good point. what exactly is a web 2.0 ...

jio said...

Ahoy, Anp! Nice to see you again here. Salamat at nagustuhan mo naman ang layout. Masyado nga lang maputi - parang kinula ang buong layout sa puti. Hehehe.

Well Max, Web 2.0 is, ummm, ... uhhh,... ummm,... I really don't know. Suppose to be a new incarnation of the Internet, term coined by web gurus out there.

It's like a new wrapping for the same old banana.

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