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December 13, 2005

Look At This Sheep

I am holding below a harmless looking sheep (reminds of Pokemon) keychain handed to me by a co-worker. He found this while searching for items in Market!Market! Lo and behold, this could be a perfect kris kringle gift or simply a Christmas gift until...

This looks harmlessly cute

Wait, what's thing when I squeeze it?

Is this what I think it is? Hmmm. Let me smell it.

It's made from China. It was branded as one of those naughty animals that simulate excrementing. Or pooing. Or s*$%ing if you want it that way.


Sidney said...

The head is cute... :-)

IceClimbingMonkey said...

Wow! I did not find that in Market! Market! Exactly where in Market! Market! did your friend find this?

jio said...

He told me that he accidentally found this inside the tianggehan. Well, be patient in finding this inside. I'll be trekking the place some day this week. ;-)

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