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January 31, 2006

Brother Andrew Gonzales

And Brother Andrew Gonzales passed away last Sunday. Silent prayer for him, fellow LaSallians.

*P A U S E*

Carl passed a yahoo messenger message to me last night. I was indeed surprised by the news.

I know only few things about him. One: being an ex-president of De La Salle University from the time I started my degree in Computer Science until I received my diploma. I got to shook his hand on stage upon handing me my diploma. That's the only close encounter I got with him. And two: being an ex-DECS Secretary under the (embarrassing) government of ex-Philippine President Joseph Estrada.

I am not going to state anything bad from here on, out of respect for Brother Andrew.

I guess fellow LaSallian Max has (maybe) better thoughts and views about him.


rmacapobre said...

i dont know him personally. from what i know i have read from newspapers and the internet. what do i like about him is he appears to be reformationary/engaging in his book: towards an adult faith.

rmacapobre said...

> question about the church

offhand, im thinking of the many children molested by priests. and im not exagerrating.

why the church thinks its more ethical to protect these pedophiles.

why does it continue to perpetuate sexist views. gender roles.

why does it continue to meddle with state affairs. population managment. a clear result is .. the situation in africa. naivete thinks to blame the people for not following abstinence. many of those infected were wives of philandering husbands. do we put blame on them. no we dont.

had contraception been available thru the government ... how many people could have been saved. how many children would not have had to lose their mothers.

and im not even going to begin with the atrocities the church had spearheaded in the middle ages. up to the age of discovery. where our own experience loosing our culture, our own religions. our identities .. gone ..

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