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January 18, 2006

Time To Move On

So I resigned from my job. I am just counting my 30 days left (technically, 28 days left to go from today).

It's a bit unexpected to some, known only to a few, but eventually the time for me to move on has completed. It should have been last year, but many factors have influenced my decision to push the date later.

Frankly, I've never felt this so much freedom since the last time I decided to break out from my previous employer.

Now I'll be entering a new chapter in my life – I consider a bigger challenge.

Next stop: find a new life (and eventually a job to fend for myself) in another country. Planned destination: Singapore. Flight date: February.

With a handful of some of my friends, ex-officemates and acquaintances there, hopefully I could see an opportunity in that small nation. Call it a stepping stone. No job offer yet (am I serious about this?). Still be looking for one. I know, it's a very big risk. But in any risks involved, I've learned to devise with a plan B (and if badly needed, a plan C).

To any fellow bloggers and readers out there in Singapore, hope to see you there soon (let me sing: "With Arms Wide Open" by Creed).


rmacapobre said...

what possessed you to resign without a replacement??? lol .. good luck on your next job, and im pretty sure youll do fine anywhere! aba lasallian ata yan este plaridel pala ..

jio said...

I knew that would be a plausible remark to me because of my decision. LOL. :-))

Anyways, thanks for the kind remarks, Max. There are many reasons actually... I'll blog some of them (not all of course), some time.

Exiling myself is one. ;-)

markmomukhamo said...

oh wow. good luck! new year, new endeavours. :)

jio said...

Thanks, Mark. :-)

Gers said...

Gio.. sabi na nga ba ikaw ang pinaguusapan kanina. Galingan mo doon. Aim high.. fly high!

sama ako sa despedida!

purplejeans79 said...

jio, I'm going to be in the PI in two weeks - you can't leave before I get there!! :-)

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