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June 11, 2006

Football Fever

Everybody here in Singapore got the fever (chills and all).

Local sportscasts, advertisements, and other sportswear items are all about the World Cup 2006 happening in Germany. And I haven't yet watched a single full match being broadcasted on TV (shame on me)!

Well, I can explain. Live football games are shown, if not during midnight, in the very early hours before dawn. I can't possibly be able to do that since I have to wake up early in the morning to prepare myself to work. Even on Friday nights, when I expect no work and total relaxation the next day, I'm too tired to stay for a few more hours to watch the live games (work has gone balistically heavy).

Maybe I'll try to catch a couple of these games next weekend. Better if I could do it this coming Friday night. And I'll root and support my favorite team - Brazil team (sorry Germany, but you'll have to prove your capabilities against these guys).

Seriously, I'm not much of a football fanatic, since being a Filipino, I came from one of those families who grew up enchanted with the American sport of Basketball (I can understand that since our country was once under the Americans who happen not be to "that good" in football a.k.a. soccer while Singaporeans here adapted the love of football from the British who once had ruled this tiny island). But hey, I am in Singapore. And as they say, do what the Romans do (or rather do and love what Singaporeans do love here, lah!).

Go Brazil! If they'll win (again), I plan to buy myself a bright yellow and green Brazilian jersey.


rmacapobre said...

who are you rooting for? does singapore have her own team?

jio said...

I have already indicated that I'm rooting for Brazil (and still Brazil ever since).

As for Singapore? It doesn't have a representative fit for World Cup. It does have local football teams here designated per island region (like Tampines Rovers), but I don't think it can compete with the likes of Asia powerhouses such as Japan or South Korea.

I wish we had our own team. We can groom one, albeit we can do better in this sport than in basketball of which we tried hard to compete internationally for years now and still we haven't matured in skill.

rmacapobre said...

yeah. but i think we have bigger problems that not having a football (english) / soccer (american) team.

kinasal na si lourdes last month ..

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