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June 25, 2006

Of Comfort Food

Here's something to remind me of home:

I've read a very small corner column in Sunday Straits here featuring the (take this) "last meal" that a featured personality would want to eat (before eventually he or she dies, given any chance to partake any food to relish something tasty and unforgettable).

If you ask me what food (or foods) I would like to have as my "last meal", here is my list:

  • #1 - Jollibee Chickenjoy (Bar none to any fried chicken out here in the entire planet)

  • Pancit Canton with plenty of Chinese chorizo de bilbao or a plateful of Pad Thai

  • Deep fried lechon kawali (High in cholesterol, but hey this is your last meal, isn't it? So dig in without any thoughts)

  • Last beverage on earth? Coke Lite (Ironic, isn't it? Still the health-conscious individual. Ok then, Vanilla Coke).

I ask you the same, what would your last meal be?


rmacapobre said...

for my last meal .. id pick ..

adobong pusit. pochero with lots of "litid". how do you call "litid" in english? rice. and for desert, ill have one whole apple pie from sugarhouse hehehe.

i can see that there are a lot of openings in singapore. how is the cost of living in singapore?

rmacapobre said...

language learning.

yes. i think it is practical, for someone in our field, working in our industry, to learn japanese or chinese. there are openings which require skills in both.

it wouldnt kill us to learn another language. america is not the world. i was wondering for our school system. we ought to institute dialect (ex: cebuano) learning as part of being patriotic.

purplejeans79 said...

Hi jio, haven't dropped by for a while, and your post on food was the perfect opportunity!

Chocolate. There's no question. Five family blocks of Cadbury's chocolate. :) And litres of Diet Coke (Coke Lite).

As for the missing R, come to Australia, we don't have many Rs here either. Or syllables, come to think of it.

jio said...

Hi Max,

Litid? I guess... marrow (but that's really different in meaning, I know).

Cost of living here? High. If you know how to spend and save, you'll get buy well. If you splurge too much, you'll die a begger.

Yeah, I need to learn another language. I think it's cool to be able to speak a different native tongue.

Hi Purplejeans79,

Thanks for dropping by. Oh, by the way, I heard from news that here in Singapore they're pulling out Cadbury because of the Salmonella scare that some of their products were infected. Just FYI.

Hmmm. I guess that many countries really has some quirkiness in pronouncing English words. Then I guess I have no choice but to bear and learn to adapt to the kind of communication here.

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