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July 09, 2006

Conversation Surprises

The more I mingle with the locals here in Singapore, the more I am surprised as to how they react once they learn I am a Filipino.

I was riding a taxi and the driver is a Singaporean but of an Indian descent (complete with a gray turban and beard). Surprisingly during the trip, he asked me if I am a foreigner. More specifically afterwards, he asked me if I am a Filipino. I said yes, wondering how he'd know. Well, apparently, he acknowledged that we Filipinos speak English distinctly with a (take note) "musical kind of tone". He admitted that Singaporeans tend to speak English in a manner like "reading a book" (or seems like reading a thick volume of a British Encyclopedia with alternating halts and breathes - how I understand his perception). I might look like a Malay crossed with some Chinese blood or otherwise but the way I communicate to him gave way as to my being a foreigner here in this small island (with thick British accent: "bloody hell").

So the fact is that I don't need to tell anyone I am a foreigner (Pinoy). I'll just speak up and the mystery will be solved.

Oh yeah, for those fellow Pinoys out there, just a "for your information" only: yes, I saw an umbrella tucked between the driver's seat and the gear shifter before I disembarked the taxi. For those who don't know what I meant by that, ask me about it. :-D


rmacapobre said...

i got this from the forums.

the media in france has publicised what exactly he (the italian) said. And as I would not repeat it in full, i’ll summarize for you,”ta mere est une *****. une ***** de une terrorist.” translated… “your mother's a ****, a **** of a terrorist.”

i believe the guy deserves more than just a headbutt .. most people would let such an affront to your dignity pass. just like that.

rmacapobre said...

the missing word i am guessing is whore/bitch or salope/putaine in french

6R1V said...

jio, would the taxi driver by any chance have blankets as well...:D

as for the world cup finals headbutting incident, i don't think it matters what the other guy said, its part of the game...its called trash happens in contact sports all the a veteran, zidane should have known that people will try to get on his he has been known to have a bad temper...i know, its no excuse for the matterazi to say those things to zidane...but like i said, they all know its part of the game...

hey, jio how has things been? jojo is already there, he's trying to look you up, i gave him your email addy so that he can get in touch with you. gerson is there also.

jio said...

Yo Max,

Yup, could be one of those invectives that have triggered Zidane to become "hot-headed".

Hmmm... "salope/putaine", eh? Gives me an idea on how to trash talk here in this part of the world... ;-D.

Yo Virg, este 6r1V, nice to drop by here. I'll email you one of these days (kwento ko na lang mga pangyayari dito).

Yup, I know that Jojo is here (from Jojo himself during a Yahoo chat) and Gerson is also here (from Edwin [or was it Edwin who told me back then]). Anyways, I knew that I gave him my mobile number here before he left Philippines. Haven't heard from him since then. Been looking for others too, hopefully could stumble luckily to them in one of these days.

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