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July 16, 2006

Sale Items And Food

Seems that there are a plenty of huge sale events that occur here in Singapore. "The Great Singapore Sale" is just one of the events that occur annually (island-wide) in this country, besides other sale events like PC/IT shows in Suntec City and another in Expo, Simei. I try not to fail to attend to these, as I might come across a useful item or two with inexpensive price tags.

I had finished up with purchasing some additional wardrobe (business and casual shirts) before "The Great Singapore Sale" officially ends by next week. I had to get another long-sleeved shirt as my old one had been accidentally burned during ironing last week (more like, melted a medium-sized hole at the back of the shirt). I loved that shirt, even if it was already five years old.

By the way, not all items are truly of "sale value". There are some items being sold with a 25-50% discount but if you look closely at the pre-price they're actually sold at half price of SGD$1000+ (SGD$500+). This is not sale for me - this is robbery to me.

* * * *

As weeks pass, I learn to be aware of places where one can shop for cheap food items. I usually stock on meat/poultry, cold cuts, eggs, bits of fruits and vegetables, and canned goods that would last me for the rest of the month. Stocking up is good as one tends to stick it out with what's available in the fridge instead of buying expensive meals outside. With a budget of around (usually) SGD$50 for a month, I can stock up for the food items I need for a month. It's big savings for me already; buying meals outside cost around at least SGD$2.50 - SGD$5.00.

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leydi said...

wow gio! pde ka na magasawa!

tagal ko na di napadpad sa blog mo, bago na kase pc ko so i lost the links. hehe

musta pala jan sa singapore? mukhang enjoy a, pashopping shopping nalang :P

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