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July 25, 2006

The Question

A visitor of one of my flatmates asked me if I feel homesick already here in Singapore. Yes, I replied without any pause to think about it. It was a resounding "yes" for me to his innocent-looking question.

For almost four months, I thought I could bear myself to not miss anything from the country I left behind and try to start "a life of my own" - even just a month or two. Everytime I see local families gather and walk together in the nearby beach, I yearn for my family. Everytime I see local youngsters here boisterously play, chat and joke around I do miss my friends and close ex-officemates in the Philippines. Heck, even the sight of imported breeds of dogs tagged along by their owners remind me of my two loving "askal" pet dogs.

Sigh. There are many things I miss about the country (I can't list them because frankly a blog post can't list them all here). It may not be as economically good as Singapore, but I can boast of the heart-warming smiles and energetic laughter of my countrymen (which come in handy amidst a crisis or two).


markmomukhamo said...

yup. no place like home. kahit gaano kagulo (ng mga pulitiko) ang naalala ko pa rin yung mga magagandang aspeto ng pagiging Pilipino.

tsaka nakakamiss yung pagkain. :)

Stephen said...

It will get better pre. Extreme kasi sa iyo... having not travelled at all then suddently staying long term outside of pinas. At least you're not that far and you have pinoy friends there.
But it can get lonely... so keep yourself busy... being active, doing personal projects, catching up with people back home when you have the chance.

rmacapobre said...

many poor countries with majority of the populace are uneducated rate very well on the happiness scale. this includes the philippines. which gives true meaning to the saying .. that maybe .. ignorance is bliss ...

they say it takes 6 months to make a full adjustment to living abroad. i think its true ..

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