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August 07, 2006

Images Using My Own Camera

I'm using a Canon Powershot A700 digital camera. I had bought one and I'm still giddy in using it. It's my first foray into digital photography. Since I'm a newbie, I'd ran some test shots, so I went at the nearby beach at Marine Parade. And here are some of them:

Singapore Flags For The Coming National Day
Singapore flags for National Day. Tomorrow is their nation's birthday celebration.

The Beach
The beach area, near East Coast Park. I suddenly remember our Manila Bay.

A Terrier And His Loving Masters
A Terrier and his loving masters. Cute scruffy dog.

Waiting For Godo
Waiting for his Godo. Or something. I like the image of contemplation especially at nearby water areas.

Filming Their Dog
Another couple with their pet dog. This time, the couple is filming their playful dog.

Nature Along The Pathway
I trudged along back to my flat using this pathway. I could not find the mushroom beds underneath the trees since I last saw them in May this year.


6R1V said...

aha, you finally got yourself a digicam and a canon at that, congrats. i hope my tips were able to help you out in chosing your camera...enjoy and keep 'em pics coming...

Sidney said...

Congrats with your new camera! Happy shoot!

rmacapobre said...

singapore's flag looks like china's flag.

jio said...

Thanks Virg, your tips were very handy. I had already one in mind (A620), but the salesperson made me think a lot more on A700. I reviewed a lot about the two, and there's not much difference. I chose the one with the longer optical view.

Thanks Sid for dropping by. Yeah, I haven't yet dropped by to your site for quite some time. I've been so busy these few months in Singapore.

Thanks Max for dropping by, too. Singapore's flag is bi-colored. I like ours better since its more colorful.

gers said...

nice pics bro

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