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August 18, 2006

Other Pictures I've Taken

On National Day, August 8, these were the pictures I took:

Flags Galore
I took this while I was strolling along the sidewalk towards East Coast beach. I saw the Singapore flag along with other colored ones, waving in unison.

Buoy At Sea
I was raring to take someday a picture of this every time I sit down and meditate on a constructed rock bed by the beach. I like the simplicity of it - the buoy gently rocking over the slightly cobalt waters. The ships at the back added some interesting background to the picture.

Into The Canal
From the sea, there is this "canal" going towards somewhere into the city. I sometimes would find a fisherman busily doing his work over the shallow waters of this area early in the morning.

Garden As Seen By My Window
This is the garden I see by my bedroom window. The scenery never fails to calm me or provide me that inner peace of mind every time I need some time to relax with my thoughts running wild.

Singapore Red Lions - Skydivers
I took this while watching the live TV broadcast of the National Day celebration held at the National Stadium in Kallang. These are the Singapore Red Lions Skydivers doing their formation at thousands of feet in the air (obviously, heck).

I caught upon one of the skydivers (now using parachutes) gently descending down. Good thing my camera has an excellent optical zooming function.

I zoomed in further, and luckily caught more of the skydivers.


Sidney said...

Nice snapshots of daily life! Nicely documented! Excellent!

rmacapobre said...

that garden looks suspicious ^_^ ...

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