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April 15, 2007

For This Week

First, let me congratulate Pacquiao for winning his bout against Solis. Mom sent me again an SMS from the Philippines telling me how Manny won the fight. I have no idea Manny's fight was today, since I barely receive any news from my country here in Singapore. Good thing there is mobile technology (chuckle).
* * * *

I'll blog this time short ala Twitter. Here goes: This week, I'll attend to some (more) important matters and avoid blogging for a week. I'll return next weekend.
* * * *

Yeah, I've signed up an account with Twitter (really, the name is funny and sounds stupid like Tweety Bird). I jumped again on a bandwagaon (yoohoo). But I have to say this is not much of a new and brilliant idea in blogging at all. Looks to me like text / SMS messenging or online messaging to family and friends but with a twist of blogging (telling specifically to others of your current activities or plans). Well, let's see how Twitter will fare in the next few months.


rmacapobre said...

what does stupid got to di with "tweety bird"?

Sidney said...

Good he won! Pacman is a fierce boxer. And now we will probably have the first boxing congresman!

I am not trilled by twitter! Indeed, lets wait and see!

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