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April 09, 2007

Rivermaya, Deux

As promised, here are some of the pictures taken from the marvelous concert by Rivermaya at D' Marquee Downtown East, Pasir Ris, Singapore, sponsored by Western Union (umm... do I need to say that - that's free advertisement).

Guitar Jamming - Rivermaya

Gritty performance by Rico, along with bassist Japs. Grrrr... grrrr....

Sparkling Concert - Japs with Sparklers - Rivermaya

Japs decided to celebrate an early New Year with sparklers ablaze in both hands.

Swinging Arm - Japs - Rivermaya

Rico gives his all, and Japs swings his arm in delight. Nice split-second shot there.

Mike At The Guitar - Rivermaya

Mike has his moments during the concert. I dig the hair, man.

Gimme... - Rico - Rivermaya

I dedicate this song to all of youuuu! A deep moment here.

Balloons Galore

Are the people delighted to watch Rivermaya live in concert, or are they jubilant playing with their balloons? Spike that flying white capsule-like balloon!

Addiction Band

Before Rivermaya performed, there were four other bands featured as guest performers at the start of the concert. Three of them are Singapore bands (John Molina and Krueger [???], The Great Spy Experiment, and Flybar) but alone is composed of Filipino talents - both gentlemen and babes, as shown in the picture above. They called themselves "Addiction".

So where is Mark at the drums? Well, we save the last for one of his best performance with this video:

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Sidney said...

I like the "Addiction" babes! ;-)

Wonderful pictures! Good job!

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