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November 22, 2005

The Flaming Toe

Hooray for the Internet, I could browse easily for any ready information regarding medical maladies. Currently, I am experiencing excruciating inflammation at the middle toe of my left foot. It's swollen and swelling. I got a cut mysteriously nicked at the one side of my middle toe where the nail and skin meets (I know things are getting gross from here so bear with me).

Is this paronychia? Paron-whatever.

Blood has formed but has dried up. I believe pus has formed but it's not visible on the outside. I don't want to touch my swollen appendage nor try to pry open the wound for fear of aggravating it. All I could do was clean the wound and occasionally swab the area with a cotton ball dabbed in alcohol. And every time I do that, I feel like I'm stabbing my toe with a singed knife. It's painful, but sometimes, I'll do it again and again.

I know, this is one weird behavior among us humans - we know an act can be painful, but we sometimes repeat the same behavior either consciously or unconsciously.

But I'm glad I'm still able to walk around. Walking around not in a perfect posture that is. I plan to visit a doctor and have this checked up.


rmacapobre said...

better go see a doctor anyways

jio said...

I did. Betadine and Ketokonazole recommended.

Sidney said...

Always go and see a doctor! Or did you wanted to loose a feet!:-)

jio said...

It's subsiding now... though it's fricking painful if I apply pressure or even just walking slowly. :-(

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