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November 15, 2005

McDonald's Stripsearch

Forwarded by an officemate, I find this utterly disturbing and mind-boggling especially that the female assistant manager followed word for word every command from someone over the telephone just to.

Amazing. It took about more than 2 hours before she noticed something is not right with handling this poor female employee before she called the right authorities.

I think her logic (plus her disgusting fiancé) has been depleted from indulging too much in fattening burger patties and high-cholesterol french fries.


purplejeans79 said...

Such a disturbing story! The assistant manager must have rocks in her head to not think something was amiss after her fiance was asked to perform a sexual act on the poor cashier girl. Could she not have thought to ask if the caller was legit? As for the fiance himself...I agree, disgusting.

rmacapobre said...

what do you mean what do i mean? ^_^

jio said...

Yup, purplejeans, truly disgusting. :(

Max, hindi ko naintindihan kasi post mo (kaya what do you mean nabanggit ko) :-D

rmacapobre said...

aah .. kako pangit ang customer service ng pldt. pangit din ang customer service ng globelines.

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