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November 29, 2005

Kris Kringle Names

I know some office companies, school classes, friends or families practice exchanging Christmas gifts to one another in a special Christmas party gathering.

In some events, participants were either assigned a "baby" (person to whom a Christmas item is given) or drew their own "baby" randomly from a collection of rolled-up papers of codenames. For the first option, there is a name keeper that holds a record of "parents" and their corresponding "babies" (this name keeper usually does not participate in the Kris Kringle).

In our office, this year, I (in)voluntarily became the name keeper because I voluntarily created some outrageous and downright silly codenames. The initial batch of names were already funny, but as I created more names, the process grew on me. The funny response I get from my co-employees inspired me to continue on with devising codenames that I volunteered to become this year's name keeper.

While last year's batch of codenames were a combination of body parts and descriptions in Tagalog (example, Maitim na Singit or Blackened Groin Area in translation and Pangong Ilong or Flattened Nose in English), this time the codenames are a combination of animal names with uber weird descriptions (in Taglish speak).

Here's a list of some of my favorite codenames I created. You might use them in your own Kris Kringle if you haven't gotten enough name ideas for your parties.

  • Alimangong tumatahol (Barking crab. Eh?)

  • Arwanang may pimples (Arowana fish with acne problem)

  • Balyenang may elesi (Whale with helicopter fan blades)

  • Bangus na sinisipon (Milkfish with colds)

  • Buteteng may braces (Tadpole with teeth braces)

  • Camel na may manibela (Camel with steering wheel)

  • Chihuahuang adik sa cherifer (Chihuahua addicted to local growth syrup medicine)

  • Cobrang may goiter (Cobra with goiter. What else? Duh?)

  • Coyoteng bungal (Coyote with no teeth and all gums)

  • Elepanteng naka-bra (Elephant wearing a bra. Yes, it's true.)

  • Garapatang naka-tsupon (Dog lice with pacifier)

  • Hipong may balbas (Shrimp with beard)

  • Kabayong naka-diaper (Horse wearing a diaper. Must be a pony.)

  • Kiti-kiting naka-swimsuit (Mosquito larvae wearing a yellow polka dot bikini)

  • Kunehong may battery (The Energizer rabbit)

  • Kwagong ututin (Farting owl. Ever seen one? Ala, the Rock of WWF: Can you smeeeellll what's this owl is cooking?)

  • Lintang may bigote (Leech with moustache)

  • Pagong na may high heels (Turtle wearing stilettos)

  • Pating na may pustiso (Shark with false teeth)

  • Poodle na bouncer (Soft and fluffy poodle working as a disco bar bouncer)

  • Pumang naka-addidas (Play of words: Puma cat wearing Addidas shoes)

  • Sawang nangungulangot (Snake picking its nose. How does it do that? Beats me)

  • Skunk na amoy cologne (Skunk wearing Axe deo-cologne)

  • Starfish na rectangle (Starfish that is rectangular in shape. Freak of nature I guess)

  • Tahong na may pangil (Mussel with fangs. Classic.)

  • Tunang naka-wheelchair (Tuna fish on a wheelchair)

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