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December 14, 2006

Mall of Asia

I had a wonderful (short) vacation back in my home country, the Philippines, last December 6-11. We had celebrated my mom's birthday as well as my homecoming for the early Christmas season in our house.

But what made me excited and truly inspired was my visit to the talked-about third largest mall in the world today, the SM Mall of Asia, situated at the reclaimed area in Pasay City, Philippines. This mall is bigger than Vivo City in Singapore, and has the touch of class of its own, unlike any SM mall buildings I have known before.

Last Saturday's visit, I had some shots of the controversial place. This could well be a review or sort of preview for those who haven't yet visited this mall (and for other OFWs out there who are taking their Christmas vacation in the Philippines and are still planning where to take their family).

On with the show...

SM Mall of Asia

The name says it all

Spacious Outside Walkways

Very spacious walkways


Blue structures of the mall

Star Parols

Hanging yellow parols (Christmas lanterns)

Spacious Floor Mall

Wide floor areas to stroll by

Wide Areas

We haven't explored much of the mall's features... literally it will take us more than a day to do so

Arena Area

I call this the arena. I guess this is where some big events are held such as concerts and exhibitions.

Ala Al Fresco Food Court

Class type food court

Christmas Garden

A Christmas garden (with poinsettias)

Back of Mall of Asia

The back of the building

Colorful Light Parols

Truly Filipino made traditional Christmas decors. Something I don't see a lot here in Singapore - something exotic and native decorations for Christmas

Giant Christmas Tree

The mall's giant Christmas tree

Ice Skating Rink

Now that's a huge, olympic size skating rink; SM Malls in this tropical country are known for ice skating rinks

Skating Kids

Zooming in on some kids enjoying ice skating

Other Skating People

More kids and adults skating

Santa and Kids

Good thing my digital camera has 12 times zooming when I got this picture of Santa Claus with some kids and their mom. Looks like Mom wants to kiss Santa Claus...

Jose Marie Chan

Jose Marie Chan, a local singer, belting out his famous inspiring Christmas songs


I want my Jollibee (not burgers, but Chickenjoys!)


The Arena - Toby's all sports item stall

Star Lights

Light up the yellow parols

Blue Globe

Luminous blue globe structure at the mall's expansive parking lot


Fireworks display event at 7-7:3O PM

More colorful fireworks display


rmacapobre said...

malls are modern day palengkes (mercado,marché) slash town square where people who can afford to kill time spend their time. i was in a conversation once while fishing (for trout). a friend was asking me about how filipinos often spend their time. instantly, going to the mall, watch tv, and pray to their gods, came to mind. then followed by the realization that we, filipinoes may have a better use of our short time appreciating nature, the musée, or the library .. im being a hypocrite though. i spend most of my time indoors too with the computer. which reminds me i have to start running .. ang baboy baboy ko na ... waaaaaaAAAHHH ....

jio said...

Max, anong nangyayari sa iyo? ^_^?

Relax, take a deep breath, relax again... heto't ako rin nasabihang nananaba daw, so I continue with running again sa gym...

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