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December 04, 2006

An Email For Donations

An officemate and good friend sent a mass email in our office about his humble drive for donations from friends and other Filipinos out there (or maybe even foreigners) for the casualties of supertyphoon Reming (international name, Durian, and drat, of all names the smelly one).

I read his email and was indeed moved by this effort to help the needy in the "Reming" typhoon aftermath. The hardest hit by the typhoon is Albay, Bicol.

Actually I only knew the extent of damage caused by the typhoon in the Philippines this morning in the morning edition of ChannelNewsAsia while riding a bus to work. Of all news coming from my home nation this is the one that was shown and reported in this country. A ver, very sad news.

I've read his email and told him that I'll help to disseminate this to others, especially to this blog, hopefully some of my friends and other readers will pick this post and see his call for help and donations. He has a non-profit community service back in his hometown Albay, catering especially for the children of his province.

Here's (some parts of) his email:

Hi Kababayans,

Apology for this mass email. I can't help it after hearing from relatives and reading the news on the wake of Supertyphoon "Reming" (see link below). With possibly more than 1,000 people dead, I was shaken and felt the goose bump. "This is worse than Typhoon 'Milenyo' and the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. It killed more people and destroyed more property.

I lived/grew up in Sto. Domingo, Albay. Our town is one of the mudslide-stricken municipalities of Albay province and was hard hit by the typhoon and mudflow. My heart cried for the people of Albay and this is the reason why I am writing this letter and asking for your help. Please click on the charity website below on how you can help and channel your donations (contact tab).

Touch The Hearts (please click)

You can also email at:

Donations can also be sent to: WSA Welfare Society, Inc. MetroBank Legaspi-Albay Branch 138-3-13811803-8.

The people clamored for basic necessities, such as food, canned goods, rice, noodles and temporary shelter. We look forward to your financial support to see us through this critical times. No amount is too small and all contribution will be highly appreciated.

Read weblink below for some more news:

P.S. I have not heard from my family in Sto. Domingo, Albay since Friday since all power lines are down. But I received a text from a family friend in Manila that they are in stable condition.

Best Regards,

Again, may some readers out there hopefully see this and help with any donations you could provide with.

* * * *

Rainbow at Changi Beach

At the end of the rain, out comes the rainbow. This one I took along the shores of Changi Beach coast, north-eastern part of Singapore.

May the rainbow shine once again for my country. Soon. God bless the Filipinos.

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rmacapobre said...

you know what is sad?

instead of hoping that something like this wont happen again, we need to plan ahead so that we will be better prepared next time. we are not completely powerless against natural disasters ... our fate is in our hands, not in our god/desses ...

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