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February 22, 2006

Going To City Hall Station

Yesterday, I met up with a kabarkada staying here in Singapore and eventually he became my tourist guide, taking me under and over the streets around the City Hall MRT station area.

People walking towards the center of the fountain of wealth

I kept on hearing from my friend about this fountain of wealth in Suntec City mall where wishes are granted by following a short ritual. The fountain was constructed in a location favorable to feng shui, thus radiating an aura of wealth. According to anotgher source, this is the world's largest fountain. Well, the picture above doesn't show the entire perimeter of the fountain (look at the third picture below).

Walk around three times while touching the rising waters with your right hand

My friend encouraged me to do the ritual of the fountain of wealth. To gain luck, wealth and have one's wish granted, we were instructed to walk around the rising waters of the fountain three times. While doing this, our right hands should be touching the water. Of course, I wished hard that I might find a suitable job in Singapore. Incidentally, my friend was also looking for a job, thus he wished also the same thing.

Looks like a giant alien creature squatting over the fountain of wealth

Looks like an alien creature squatting over the fountain of wealth. Actually, this structure is a giant sprinkler of water, part of the entire perimeter of the fountain.

Curtain of water used as background for displaying playful colorful lights

At night, this fountain becomes a spectacle to many people here. Picture above shows a curtain of water shooting out of the fountain. The water is used as a form of background for displaying dancing, colorful lights while pop, rock or classical music blares from speakers nearby (I remember the catchy song Pink by Aerosmith as the background music last night).

Rooftop ceilings inside the Suntec City mall

I focused my camera phone above towards the ceilings of the Suntec City mall and I kind of liked the picture that came out (a criss-cross of steel and metal).

St. Andrew's Cathedral

This is the Anglican church, St. Andrew's Cathedral. It's a few blocks away from the Suntec City mall. This has its Neo-Classical type of architecture. I liked this place for its serene and quiet grounds.

On the stairs of City Hall

A few walks from St. Andrew's Cathedral is this old structure called simply as the City Hall. Just look also at the Neo-Classical architecture of this place. Reminds me of Greek and Roman buildings. That's me on the stairs.

Esplanade Park theatre and museum
I call this place the Scaley Egg Theatre and Museum instead of the Esplanade Park Theatre and Museum. This huge structure also reminds me of a porcupine but instead of quills, razor sharp scales were used.

Listening to piano music

Me and my friend stopped by inside the theatre cum museum and listened to the soothing piano music of this person. With us were many students and young couples also watching the pianist.

Colorful banners inside Esplanade theatre and museum

More colorful banners inside the Esplanade theatre and museum featuring international musical artists coming to perform in this place.

Love strucked cow statue

I found this white cow statue painted oddly with hearts all over. It was standing as a sort of mascot in one steak restaurant inside the Suntec City mall.

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