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February 14, 2006

New Layout For Heart's Day

Today marks the revelation of a new layout for this site. New colors. Some (whatever) image banner above. That's all for now.

* * * *

On some note, I've heard a morning show host tell the greek mythology story of Psyche and Eros and their love child Pleasure.

My thoughts especially for this day: the formula is

Psyche + Eros = Pleasure

Psyche (according to a dictionary) refers either to the soul or the mind as the central essence of a human. Eros or Cupid, of course personifies love. Now, we all know the phrase "heart and soul". Also, we have teachings about using both our brain and heart in everything we do. Thus, to achieve great happiness (pleasure) in one's life, we should use our soul/mind and heart together. Check and balance. Not too much heart (uses emotion without thinking to act and make decisions) nor too much intellect (being too critical or analytical in everything while hurting feelings of others). Too much of anything is indeed not healthy for anyone.

Makes sense to me.


Sidney said...

I agree !

rmacapobre said...

you changing the layout of your blog inspired me to change mine as well .. haha ..

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