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February 21, 2006

Other Images In Singapore

Colorful publications

At the left is an advertisement from the newspaper about a milestone of a local magazine here. At the right is the travel guide book on Singapore that my friend lent me as my survival guide book.

Three metal sculptures

Found this unique three metal sculptures upfront of the Paragon mall along Orchard Road.

Block of ice cream sandwich - Minty Chocolate flavor

Now this is quite a large block of minty chocolate flavored ice cream sandwich (between thin waffles). Along with some friends, I saw some group of people gathering around a man selling this treat along Orchard road. This would be equivalent to the Philippines' dirty ice cream, though this sells for one Singaporean dollar (P30+). Expensive to us, but here, it's quite a bargain for such a big, cool and yummy treat. I'd try next the one that looks like cookies and cream.

Welcome to the dark side. Darth Vader masks galore

Inside Toys R' Us store - darth vader masks. Hot, yes, but too expensive though.


6R1V said...

We're you really taking a pic of the 3 metal sculptures or you just wanted to get a pic of the drawing/photo on the upper left :P

The darth vader mask is also available here, I thinks it's even cheaper than S$79.

Looks like you're enjoying your stay in Sing...maybe you can enjoy it more if you don't convert from S$ to P :P

jio said...


In that case (for the metal scupture pic), it's like hitting two birds with one stone. :-D

rmacapobre said...

the sculptures look like theyre dancing. my history is unforgivable, why did britain let go of singa pura (lion city)?

leydi said...

kng wla ka pc, your phone memory must be full by now! :O haha

keep on posting pics.. ;)

leydi said...

on griv's comment---- OMG i didn't notice THAT till i saw his comment. hahaha iba pala pag green minded. este green blooded. mashadong observant!

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