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February 24, 2006

Observing From Afar The Revolution

Currently watching the TFC news on what is happening back in my home country

Watching the news in the TFC cable channel.

In a way, I was expecting this "revolution" would someday happen. And now it did. While typing this, I am listening to the commentaries of some mayors and officials conveying their either their contradictions or support to the ongoing rally along Ayala Avenue, Makati City. Now I am hearing Brother Eddie Villanueva speaking to the people, as if exorcising President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

I'm still a week old here in Singapore, and yet many things had happened back in my home country - from landslides in Leyte, to submerging grounds in Adriatico street, and now this EDSA Revolution (history repeats itself again, as Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago has just stated).

What is happening to my beloved country? It's a vicious cycle; haven't our people ever learned about the consequences of this mass action? And I see again the supporters of ex-President (now stop calling him President, fanatical supporters) Joseph Estrada muddling the rally, ever hoping that Estrada will be put back to presidency. If that happens, I really would not go back home (maybe just for a while, to get my other stuffs before I'll return back here again).



Sidney said...

All our attention should be focused on the economy, on education and on creating new jobs...

markmomukhamo said...

Jio, we can still help even if we're out of the country. Keep getting the word out what's happening especially if and when they start limiting access to the Internet.

Congrats on the safe move, btw. Hope you enjoy Singapore.

rmacapobre said...

revolution? what revolution?

only in manila ....

jio said...


Thanks. I'm still star-strucked here of the sights in Singapore.


You know how us Filipinos tend to start a revolution for suppose "change" in the country, but in the end nothing happens.

Oh well...

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