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February 28, 2006

More Singapore Tourist Pictures

Being a tourist here, I have taken numerous pictures (as visual remembrances of course) of things and places using my humble Nokia camera phone and posting them in my flickr account for safekeeping (since I don't have my own PC or laptop computer).

Let's begin with food fare:

Gyoza and squid nuggets on sticks

I liked these "on stick" fares of Old Chang Kee, with a branch nearby in Toa Payoh Central. Sometimes, these would be my lunch (paired with fragrant rice). Currently, I enjoyed the Gyoza on stick. Old Chang Kee has a plethora of products including the familiar spring rolls (lumpia in the Philippines or "loompiya" as advertised in a sign inside the Enterprise building food court in Makati City).

Hawker food stall signs

Speaking of "on stick" fares, there are plenty of other food stalls that can be found inside the malls, and along the roads and streets of Central Singapore. Most of these food stalls advertise their available menu using colorful images of their products. Price were included in these images. Being the adventurous and always curious type of person, I would usually try the unusual like the deer meat with fried egg shown above, as long as I could afford the price.

Walk signal counter

I was able to take a picture of the counter contraptions I was talking about in one of my posts. I did this while briskly walking one of the streets here in Toa Payoh. Of course, I had to be quick in taking this shot.

Walk signal counter

The orderly and color-coded map of some of Singapore's MRT stations. I commonly use the red route of the MRT trains.

Some men playing checkers

I took this picture of some men playing checkers while I was walking back to my friend's flat after attending mass nearby. Heck, these people don't mind the people around looking at them - they're all too focused in their game.

Mysterious hyoutan gourd lying beneath a tree

Now this is one interesting yet strange sight I frequently see whenever I walk back to my friend's flat - this mysterious gourd (or hyoutan) wrapped in red ribbon sitting under a huge tree. Beside it is a red paper (some Chinese prayer inscription written on it?). But today, I found the gourd now lying on the grass under the same tree (had someone or a stray animal played with it?). I never dared to touched it. I'm thinking somebody must have intentionally left this as an offering to the dead or some folkloric spirit residing around the area or in the tree. I'll never know the reason. I'm too scared to know; I might disturb something unknown and will crawl to me silently unaware of its presence (kind of creeps me out like Sadako of The Ring movie series).


rmacapobre said...

if you will be traveling a lot in your job. i think its wise to get a notebook for yourself.

rmacapobre said...

train station map.

i wondered about that how come our trains in manila do not have billboard maps ..

in some countries they even provide you with free maps of the city.

6R1V said...

the counter contraption is also being used in the city of manila, for traffic and pedestrian lights. these has been in place since some several years back. i guess you don't frequent manila that much :D

looks like you've been busy with your camera. your blog is a nice respite from work, specially when i start feeling bored or sleepy :D

bring me home some of them dear meat...hahaha...

jio said...


I've never seen one in Manila. If I'll see one back home, I expect it to be not working or broken or maybe some of its features are stolen :-P

As for the deer meat, hopefully immigration doesn't mind me bringing it back home. Hehehe.

Thanks for the compliment about my blog. A rest will do you good from a hectic day. :-D

6R1V said...

I'm glad to tell you that the ones in Manila are in good working order...

jio said...


Saan ba banda ang mga iyon sa Manila? Tumutunog din ba parang video game tulad dito? :-P

(For others: sorry, I spoke in Tagalog, hehehe).

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