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March 01, 2006

Searching And Still Searching

Based alone from the tons of images I am posting to my blog, my friends (and other people) back in the Philippines would actually think that I am simply enjoying my "vacation" here (blogging and taking pictures) and is not busy searching for a job. Truth is, I have contacted some of the job agents I have spoken to since last year, reminding them that I am currently in Singapore. Some of them had already called me up and took my skillsets and other basic information. I have also done other preliminary interviews with some job agencies (since last week, I had accomplished two personal interviews).

But now, I am momentarily playing the "waiting game" that every job seekers know about - that phase where the "waiting" period looks like will last forever. I would follow-up on some agencies regarding my application but most of them would tell me that they're still looking for potential clients that would consider me.

Still searching. Sounds as if that search would most likely end up in nil results.

Then again, I know, it's part of every job hunters expectation to wait for that sweet call of some client or employer or agency to summon you to report to them. It may take them days, weeks, months, and even years. The bad thing is if that job hunter does nothing during that period of waiting. That is why, while waiting, I try to review again my skillset knowledge. Plus, I try to look up for other potential jobs through the internet and even in the local newspapers here.

I'll not sit down and grumble a lot.

Why am I writing this? Because I am inspired but this blog by Brown regarding his struggle to find a job in the face of homelessness for him and his family (truly inspired that I linked his site to mine; this would be an occasional read).


rmacapobre said...

statistics say and from my own experience too, that it takes around 6 months to be in between jobs.

Gers said...

kaunting tiis lang, bro

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