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March 10, 2006

Take Me Home, Lah

This could (or should I say would) be my last blog post here in Singapore. For now that is. I'll be leaving tomorrow for my scheduled flight back to Manila, Philippines. My short three weeks experience here in Singapore was amazing and fulfilling at the same time. Uniquely Singapore as what the TV advertisements here have been showing.

All the same, mesmerized as I am of this country, my heart still years to go back and visit my home country once again. I miss my family and friends. I'll be taking a break back home as I prepare my things when I come back here again in Singapore to commence my work in April.

Adios amigos, asta la vista. Philippines, take me home again (as what local hawkers here would say - "take away, lah").

* * * *

Turn your passion into your career

A food for thought. I took this photo of the banner last Saturday during the career fair in Suntec City Conference hall.

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