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March 15, 2006

Back Home Culture Shock

I'm back here in the Philippines. I came home last Saturday. My job contract will not start until April 10. So I came back to prepare my stuffs to bring back to Singapore and prepare the required documents for processing my employment pass.

Astonishingly, I felt culture shock once I had glimpsed again the familiar city life, traffic, buildings and people here in my home country. Maybe because I had been used to the (efficient) way of life back in Singapore where one can simply go to virtually any place by using their MRT, or the almost zero number of jaywalkers crossing the street (well, a handful of local Singaporeans do break their simple pedestrian laws but unlike here it's pointless to put up pedestrian signs since breaking the law is already of way of life here), or there are fewer types of vehicles in Singapore - cars, buses, trucks, bicycles, MRT - while in the Philippines you get to have those vehicles mentioned plus jeepneys, tricycles, and pedicabs.

But it's nice to be with my family and friends again. Home sweet home. It will be a quite a long vacation (almost a month from now till my start date of work); I'll try to rejuvenate myself in the meantime before I'll head back to work once again.


rmacapobre said...

there are trade offs to acheiving an "efficient" city like singapore. one. people are not able to express publicly anythign that is critical of the state. which maybe is a good thing after living thru what we have in the philippines .. and they have sometimes imbalanced punishments to the simplest of crimes. again maybe a good thing.

^_^ in other words i dont know what im talking about hahaha

jio said...

O siya, Max. Hehehe. Aba, iba na ang avatar mo sa blogger... masyadong seryoso. Medyo pumayat ka rin ah. :-D

rmacapobre said...

sa angle lang yan. im 300 pounds as of midnight tonight ..

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